Written and illustrated by Alexander Serra

Lopopo’s Lost Sock is a silly and fun story about a spoiled brat’s determination to get back what rightfully belongs to him!

Click the image to download Lopopo for FREE

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  1. [...] Lopopo’s Lost Sock, by Alexander Serra: This comic caught the attention of a number of judges, and it made me laugh out loud. It’s a clever spin on the tyrannical-kid/smart alecky butler story where a spoiled rich kid goes ballistic over a lost sock. As the story goes on, though, the logic gets more and more twisted. The link is to a free download, so go, see for yourself. [...]

  2. [...] what other things we can look forward to from him.  Every week new toon segments are premiered at Saturday Morning Webtoons, and he also is working on strips about a girl stuck in a vacuum, and another with a boy possessing [...]

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